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Reed diffuser refill pack

Reed diffuser refill pack

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A refill pack for our collection of hand-poured reed diffusers.  

100ml recyclable, aluminium, refill diffuser oil bottle plus 10 natural rattan reeds, in your choice of fragrance

Coastal Mist - Drift away to the coast with this fresh marine scent of salty driftwood, seaweed, green algae, soft floral

Cosy Up - Cosy up with your warmest woolly and indulge in this delicious rich aroma of spicy ginger, cinnamon, sugar and butter biscuits

Rain - Drench your senses with this refreshing fragrance of  flowers and green leaves heavy with the ozone scent of summer rain drops 

The Oaks - This elegant masculine scent soothes the mind with hints of nutmeg, black pepper, herbal flower and leather wrapped in rich sandalwood and musk

Wild -  Bright lemongrass sits on a soft vanilla and musk base which will brighten your senses and fill your space.

To refill your glass diffuser, simply empty out the contents, wash the glass with warm soapy water and dry.  Refill the glass bottle and replace the reeds with your new set.  To get the most from your diffuser, we suggest you flip the reeds after the first 24 hours and then every 3-5 days

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