My Story

view down onto candle tin on wooden board

The story of Tenfire started simply with a love of fragrance and flame.  A candle is for so many people a touch of joy that can lift any moment in the day.  The fragrance lingering in a room, the soft glow of the flame and the warm comfort of its gentle light. 

For a long time I felt that mass produced candles never seemed to burn that well or smell quite special enough, so I set off to learn and understand all I could about hand-making candles.  After over a year playing with waxes, wicks, fragrances and vessels, some worked out beautifully, and some…. well, not so well!!  But I kept on melting, pouring and giving them away to family and friends until slowly, the containers started coming back requests like, "I'd love another one – that scent was just gorgeous and filled my space"

The next step was making these candles available to a wider audience.  I wanted to produce candles with a low environmental impact and have sourced materials as locally as possible. I use soy wax which is a plant based wax made from the oil of soybeans.  Soy wax comes from a vegan, renewal, biodegradable resource and produces a cleaner, longer burn compared to paraffin wax.

Wherever possible, packaging is done using recycled materials; the packing peanuts are compostable, the boxes and tape made of recycled materials, and even the lovely tins can be happily repurposed once your candle is finished.

All of the products are made by hand in small batches at my home studio.  Making in small amounts enables me to be sure you are receiving the highest quality item every time.

The fragrance choices are all inspired by the beautiful nature of Northern Ireland where I am based. A walk along the coast, an amble through mighty oaks, starry nights, riverside picnics or just sitting by a roaring fire.

I hope these candles bring you a moment of joy.  Maybe the scent evokes a special memory, the flame helps calm your mind, the glow lights up a dark day, or lighting it simply make you smile!

Thank you for being part of my story!