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Reed Diffusers

The fragrance of your home is unique and special to your space.  It has the power to evoke memories, calm the senses or invigorate the mood.  It’s no wonder then that we look for different ways to spread our favourite scent through our homes.  Some of the more traditional ways include lighting a fragranced candle, melting wax melts or misting the room with fragrance spray.  Another popular option is using what’s known as a reed diffuser, which can create scent in a wide variety of locations around the home.  A flame free option to softly breathe fragrance into the air.

A reed diffuser generally asks very little of you and takes care of itself with a little help now and then.  By understanding how it works and learning a few maintenance tips, you can enjoy the gentle power of a reed diffuser wherever you want.

How does a reed diffuser work?

There are generally three elements to a reed diffuser.  A heavy weight glass container, a set of natural or synthetic reeds and liquid fragrance.  Once the fragrance has been added to the glass container, the reeds are placed into the neck of the container where they will slowly start their work.

The reeds, whether synthetic or natural, work by soaking the fragrance oil up through microscopic channels the length of the stick via capillary action.  The fragrance then evaporates in much the same was as a flower releases its scent.  By pointing the reeds in different directions, the spread of fragrance is encouraged over a wider space.

As the reeds allow the fragrance to evaporate, it will be necessary to turn them as they dry out, to keep the saturated portion in the air.  You can do this as often as you wish, but at least once a week.  Bear in mind the more you flip, the quicker the oil will evaporate.

Benefits of a reed diffuser

The benefits of choosing a reed diffuser over say a fragranced candle or wax melts comes mostly down to the fact that it works in a flame-free way.  Without the need for heat or flame, the fragrance is gently released around the clock whatever you are up to!  In some locations such as shops, work spaces and anywhere with lots of curious little hands, flames pose significant risks – but they can still be fragranced!  Reed diffusers can be placed just about anywhere and fill the space with beautiful scent.

Top tips

The best location for a reed diffuser is in an area where there is regular motion, as the air movement will help to spread the fragrance.  Areas of high traffic are best, although not near an outside door or the fragrance will simply escape!

The reeds by their porous nature may eventually become dusty and clogged.  It’s recommended that you replace the reeds when you replace the fragrance oil to ensure you are getting a consistent spread of scent.

When you turn the reeds, it is best to do this over a sink just in case any of the oil drops down.  Also, it is recommended you place the diffuser on a coaster or mat to ensure any stray droplets don’t damage surfaces.

Give the oil a gentle swill every so often to ensure no separation occurs.  When the oil is ready to be replaced, empty out the old oil and reeds, wash the container with warm soapy water and allow to dry fully before refilling the oil and inserting new reeds.

On average, 100ml fragrance oil should last for about 2 months, however, the lifespan can be affected by things like central heating and outside open doors.

With a little bit of care, a reed diffuser offers an alternative way to fill you home with fragrance.  It is a safe option in places where flames may pose a risk and it will work 24/7 no matter what you are doing!

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